Backcast: Colorado, July 2020

Front Range, RMNP, Upper Poudre Canyon

After having to cancel a March 2020 trip to Colorado due to the start of the global covid outbreak, we finally made it out west in early July. I was able to target some new water, including a stream in Rocky Mountain National Park, a local creek that runs through a small foothills town, and a small creek that ran through a campsite we camped out up in the Cameron Peak area, across the continental divide via the Poudre Canyon. I felt much less overwhelmed this year, having more experience under my belt, and was helped out by the eager small stream trout. I also started tying flies in early 2020 during the lockdowns, so in July I caught a lot of trout on flies I tied myself, adding to the depth and appreciation of the whole experience. I once again hit the grand slam in 2020!



Brook trout next to the campsite
Beautiful stream next to our campsite
High mountain lake, with high winds to match. Briefly hooked a cutthroat blind casting a small streamer.
Greenback cutthroat from the National Park
Nice brown trout from a foothills stream
Rainbow from a foothills stream

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