Slinging Poppers for Spotted Bass

The month of May has been very warm and very dry so far, meaning that the local creeks are prime for some top water action. With some rain in the forecast next week I figured I better make one more trip before the water gets high and dirty. I’ve been tying up a bunch of poppers lately, as I seem to lose at least four every time I go fishing for spotted bass. These bass are usually right on the bank and holding near cover, meaning if you aren’t getting hung up you aren’t trying hard enough! I’ve had good success lately with the Dedeaux Popper created by Alvin Dedeaux (tying video embedded at the end of this post), a fly comprised of only rabbit zonkers, sheet foam, superglue, and a hook. Being so easy to tie and cheap, it’s a bit less painful to lose so many each outing.

The Dedeaux Popper
The catch of the day
Beautiful and aggressive

I’m hoping to do more filming of my fishing trips this summer, and brought out my GoPro for this trip. I’m still trying out different ways of mounting it, but a simple clamp on to the strap of my sling pack seems to be the best option I’ve found, despite some rubbing noise from the strap getting picked up. Enjoy the video!

Dedeaux Popper tying video by Alvin:

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