Fly Tying: Kelly Galloup’s Smoke Wagon

The Smoke Wagon is a relatively simple streamer pattern, especially in the catalogue of Kelly Galloup designed flies. It only requires a few materials: marabou, ice dub, hook and thread. I added some lead wire to mine because I plan on fishing it with a floating line, but you can omit that, or add a cone or bead in front for some weight. Even with some added weight this fly is small enough to be fished on any standard 5 weight fly rod. I recently acquired a vintage fiberglass Phillipson Master 6’6″ 6-weight rod, which I think will make a really sweet creek fishing set up, I’ve tested it out on a local ponds and it slings small to medium sized streamers and big foam topwater bugs like a dream. (I plan on making a post featuring my two vintage Phillipsons soon, stay tuned.) The Materials List and video of the tie is below, try one out!

Material List:

  • 3x long size 6 streamer hook
  • Olive Marabou
  • White Marabou
  • Grey Ice Dub
  • 0.20 lead free wire
  • Red laser dub for a hot spot head

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